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Areas of Expertise

Counselling / Therapy / Psychotherapy

I am a certified Clinical Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychodynamic Integrative Counsellor and registered with membership regulating body:


I also hold membership with the PCE EuropePsychotherapy and Counselling Union and Counsellors Together UK.

I hold an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy awarded by the Metanoia Institute. Including a clinical diploma as an Integrative Psychotherapist.

I have experience working in the NHS in an IAPT Service (Primary Care Mental Health) in the Multi-Ethnic Unit. As well as as a counsellor at Waterloo Community Counselling.

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Career Counselling

I have an MSc in International Business Management and almost a decade working in international consulting.  Specifically, in account management with c-suite executives in fortune 500 companies in Procurement.

This expertise allows me first hand experience and knowledge of the pressures of a corporate career. 


I'm able to work with anyone feeling burden out, unhappy, unfulfilled with their career. Understanding the dynamics of teams, career development and imagining a new path with deeper connection and self fulfillment in your career.

Ethics and Inclusivity

I follow the UKCP Ethical Guidelines when working with clients. I also ascribe to BAATN's Core values as an ally and white passing body of culture. I welcome gender, sex and relationship diversity in clients particularly those in the LGBTQ+ and trans community.

All people are worthy of respect. I acknowledge and value the emotional pain and distress caused by racism, opression and cultural conditionining including facing my own internal and external opression. 


Mental Health Consulting, Workshops & Training, &
Community Project Development 

As founder of London Psychology CIC, a social enterprise, I'm passionate about using my skills in consulting to support mental health through positive change consulting.  This organisation works with people to find connection with something that matters to them and has positive impact on the world. 

We are a conscious business - choosing paths of service that positively impact local community, society at large, as well as the global environment.

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